Let Tokn know. Then go.

Tell Tokn where you're going. If you don't check in again, we'll let someone know. Even if your phone is dead.


What does Tokn do?

Set a Tokn, and go and do whatever it is you're doing. If you don't get back to us when you said you would, we'll send a text message to your buddy that you might need assistance. We'll pass on your note, and show them your location when you set it. Even if you have no network, or if your phone is dead.


Using Tokn, nobody knows what you're doing until they need to know.

It doesn't forget

Ever promised to text someone when you get there safely? Do you always remember? Do they remember? With Tokn, you won't be forgotten.

Free continued use

No subscription fees, no ongoing costs.

Only 2 clicks

We've got you covered in 2 clicks.

Dead phone = no problem

Dead battery? No network? No problem. Once you've set your Tokn, our servers do all the hard work. If you don't check in again, we send a text message to your buddy, wherever they are, from our messaging service in the U.S.

Always leave a note

They say always leave a note for someone, but leaving a note isn't always convenient, it may get missed, or they may forget when you were supposed to return. And annoyingly for some it isn't private - to stay safe you have to tell them where you're going or who you're seeing. Tokn solves these problems - see the chart below to see how Tokn compares to leaving a traditional note, or simply telling someone where you're going.


Who is it for?

Anyone who is going somewhere or doing something alone can make use of Tokn. Tokn is used by hikers, skiers, mountain bikers, dating app users, surfers, snow-boarders, horse riders, cyclists, backpackers, nurses, health visitors, social workers, real estate agents, teachers, mental health workers, lone workers, teenagers, anyone walking home alone late at night, and many other people.

Outdoor activites

Whatever your choice of outdoor activity, leaving a note has long been a cornerstone of personal safety. Details of where you're going and when you'll be back will help you be located should things go wrong.

Lone workers

Estate agents, surveyors, community nurses, teachers, taxi drivers, builders...the list of lone workers is almost endless. Using Tokn ensures that someone will come looking for you if you don't check in when you said you would.

Taxi rides

Most of us have got into a taxi late at night and suddenly felt vulnerable. Leave a note with Tokn - perhaps even include the license plate - and be sure that we've got your back.

Domestic violence

Millions of people, particularly women, suffer the threat of domestic violence. If you feel unsafe at home for particular periods of time, or feel threatened, leave a note with Tokn and we'll let your buddy know if you don't check back in.


Online daters don't always want to tell friends or relatives when they go on a date, which could be several times a week. Tokn only lets someone know when you don't check in, which means you can keep your dates private but still be protected should something not go to plan.

Getting home

It's late and you're on your way home. Why send a text to your partner when you'll only wake them up and have them worry? Just set a Tokn and leave a note. If you don't check when you said you would, we'll let them know.


Letting mum and dad know you made it there safely can be inconvenient, and sometimes even embarassing. Instead, set a Tokn, and check in when you get there. If you don't check in, we'll let them know. They'll know that no news is good news.

Frequently asked questions

Will it drain my battery?

No. Tokn only uses the GPS function for your location when you are setting a Tokn. Once live, the app lives in the background and does not track your location, with no impact on your battery when you might need it most.

Will it cost anything to use?

No. Once you've bought the app you can use it as many times as you like at no cost.

When you buy our app 4 text message (SMS) credits are included for free. We send text messages when you invite someone to become a buddy (you need at least one of these to use Tokn), and if you ever fail to check in on time.

We think you should never need more than 4, but if you're in the habit of changing buddies or they're in the habit of changing their numbers, or you keep forgetting to deactivate your Tokn, then you might run out of text message credits, so you can buy bundles of four credits as in-app purchase for the small price of a chocolate bar.

Will it remind me to check in before a Tokn expires?

Yes – the App has several reminders in the run up to expiry, to help avoid false alarms.

Does my buddy need Tokn?

No. All they need is a mobile phone that receives text messages (SMS).

If I don't check in, what message does my buddy get?

A simple text (SMS) message notifying them that you failed to check in. A web link is included that shows your buddy where you were, what time your session started, when you were supposed to return, and the note that you left.

How does it still send a message if my phone is dead or has no network?

Clever huh? It's actually quite simple - text messages are sent from our servers, and not from your phone.

I'm someone's buddy and I've had a message that their Tokn has expired, what do I do?

Don't panic! On some occasions the Tokn user has simply forgotten to deactivate the Tokn. They may have lost network coverage, or their phone batteries may have died. Try to make contact with them as soon as you can. If you can't contact them and their lack of contact is out of character, then put into action the plan you agreed when you became their buddy. This may be a personal visit to the location, or a call to another friend they are with. At worst, notify the relevant emergency services, informing them of the situation. Your text from Tokn will provide you with the location where they activated our system.

What isn't Tokn?

If you're using Tokn for sporting activites please please don't behave outside of your usual limits. Always assess the conditions and your circumstances responsibly. Tokn is an extra backup, like a survival blanket or whistle NOT a replacement for responsible context assessed behaviour. Remember if the emergency services are called you can put those emergency workers lives in peril (especially at sea or on a mountain) so be cool and operate within your capabilities.

Tokn - the concept

Inspired by the triumphant true story of Aron Ralston in the Danny Boyle film 127 hours, this app came about to avoid something as traumatic happening again.

Aron was a confident, cocksure solo adventurist who loved the outdoors. He hated telling anyone where he was going. This was nearly his downfall as he became trapped under a rock in the middle of nowhere for days and only escaped by severing his own arm with a blunt penknife. He lived in an apartment on his own, so leaving a post-it note on the fridge wouldn't have helped. For Aron, letting someone know where he was going would have involved a phonecall to his mum. Clearly not cool.

Tokn would have solved this problem for Aron. Our servers would have told Aron's mum where he was and what he said he was doing only if he didn't make it back by Sunday evening and let us know by de-activating his Tokn. With Tokn, Aron would have maintained the privacy, mystery, solitude and coolness he needed, but safe in the knowledge that if he didn't make it back someone would know where and when to look for him.

Nowadays Aron always leaves a note to say where he has gone. Perhaps we'll see him using Tokn soon.

Tokn defined

Tokn [ /ˈtəʊk(ə)n/ , Token]: an iPhone and Android app. Enables users to leave a textual note with location information and an expected time of return on a remote server. If the server has not received notification from the user that they are safe by the time of return, then a text message (SMS) is sent to the phone of a previously nominated buddy. The text message contains a link to a private webpage which reveals the location and the contents of the note.